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GoingPro with the right gear

I recently started using the New GoPro Hero 7. Here are a few notes to help optimize your video / picture capturing.


· Easy to use interface.

· Vibrant screen for real time viewing of your capture.

· Hundreds of attachments for mounting.

· Video stabilization at 2k

· Cool modes like Time warp and Time-lapse


· Not a great “stills” camera

· Wide angle shots result in need to get very close for detail

· Battery life is dismal.

Depending on what you are capturing will dictate what is needed. However, there are some general helpful tips.

While the GoPro is waterproof for up to 10-meters, the housing adds additional protection from both water exposure and scratches. This particular package also comes with underwater lens filters to give rich color to your footage.

This clip mount is extremely versatile with a strong grip allowing you to shoulder mount to virtually any backpack or harness.

Attach some form of anchoring devise. In the event that your mount breaks or comes loose, having a “leash” can save you the heartache of a lost GoPro.

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on this. Many household items can be employed to get the job done.

If you have the newest models of the GoPro, you can connect wirelessly to your smartphone and download the data directly. If you have an older model, you can accomplish the same thing via this handy little transfer dock.

One of the great things about GoPro is it’s persistence of interchangeable mounts throughout all models. As a result you can purchase a “grab bag” as I like to call it on amazon for pretty cheap. This particular set include the versatile clip mentioned before.

While none of these things are completely necessary to use and enjoy your GoPro, these little additions will make a huge difference in the enjoyment of use and quality of your shots

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